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Amicus Attorney
   Client/Server Edition
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Amicus Attorney
Amicus Attorney eliminates the confusion created by multiple paper and software systems. It organizes client files, schedules appointments, manages to-do lists, keeps track of people, drafts documents, tracks your phone calls and records billable time. Individually or firm-wide. For a detailed overview, click here.

The result - you're on top of your practice. Never miss a deadline. Increase billable time. Provide better service to clients with information at your fingertips. Gain peace of mind.

The functionality of your law office is all here:

   a cabinet full of files on each different client matter
   a card index of all the people in your practice
   a daybook for comprehensive scheduling
   time sheets for recording your billable hours
   the Call Center for managing your calls
   other tools for tasks like drafting documents or sending messages.

These modules look and work much like the tools you already use, but Amicus Attorney integrates them for you, making it much easier to keep things organized.

Amicus Attorney is available in three Editions to meet the needs of different firms: Client/Server Edition offers WAN capabilities, remote update, centralized reporting and supports up to 200 users; Advanced Edition provides networking for up to 29 users, plus the DO button and links to third party products (e.g., accounting systems, Palm organizers); while Organizer Edition offers essential case management for solos.

Join the over 100,000 legal professionals who have invested in Amicus Attorney

   Match Amicus Attorney Software to Your Practice Needs
   Set Up Your Practice on Amicus Attorney for You
   Customize Your Program
   Link Amicus Attorney to Your Billing System
   Link Amicus Attorney to Your Document Programs
   Provide Basic Training
   Provide Both On and Off-Site Assistance

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