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We sell all the products we support. We generally offer our clients a Preferred Customer Discount off the MSRP. In addition to these software programs we also handle software compatible forms such as checks, invoices, envelopes, W2's, W3's, 1099's and more. For more information please e-mail us at sales@ccsinc.cc.

We offer on-site training for clients as well as Training Seminars which are usually held in Mandeville, LA. For more information please e-mail us at training@ccsinc.cc.

Special Promotions
From time to time we will have a special promotion on one or more of the products we sell and support. Check this space often for the latest offering.

We offer on-site installation of all the programs we sell and support. If on-site installation assistance is not feasible, arrangements can be made to walk you through the installation process via Phone Support. For more information please e-mail us at support@ccsinc.cc.

We offer both on-site and phone support on all the software programs we sell. We also offer "off-site" support for setup, designing reports, templates, etc. For more information please e-mail us at support@ccsinc.cc.

Technical Info
From time to time we will post a Tech Tip to assist you in the daily operation of at least one of the software programs we support. If you would like to contribute a Tech Tip of your own, we will gladly post it to this site, and of course, give you credit. To submit your Tech Tip, please e-mail it to techtip@ccsinc.cc.
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